Заменяем прошивку на Alcatel D920

  • Автор: wong
  • Дата: 08.02.2017 в 02:04
We can help you with PhoneCopy but your phone was not synchronized to our service. Would appreciate if anyone could answer my concern. This is not technical support of your phone. Pls guide with the next steps.

Пошаговая инструкция

  • Устанавливаем виртуальную машину VirtualBox v.192, а также загружаем последнюю версию прошивки для Alcatel D920.
  • Запускаем virtualbox.exe и монтируем образ системы, после чего загружаем ее и выбираем пункт "Собрать прошивку".
  • Как только образ будет собран, выбираем пункт "Firmware" и подключаем Alcatel D920 с помощью кабеля.
Can you see which date i installed this program, and is it anything else i must du to find sms sendt and deleted? It seems to be trying to recreaate every text and contact every time I sync instead of just updating the ones that have changed. The problem which was reported by email you received means you exceeded number of DEVICES and not CONTACTS. Is there a way to sync contacts from the desktop version of phonecopy? Plase help, thanks a lot in advance.

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